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About Us

history of the firm

Since 1973, Simpkins & Costelli, Inc. has provided professional engineering services in the fields of civil and structural engineering. We specialize in design, project management and construction administration for waterfront facilities, potable water and wastewater projects, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings, and civil site work for clients along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Originally established by Harry Simpkins, III as Simpkins Engineering, the firm became Simpkins Engineering Consultants in 1980. In March of that year, Michael Costelli became a partner, and in May 1981, Simpkins & Costelli, Inc. was formed. Founder Harry Simpkins retired in 1998, but the name of the original partnership was retained.

Simpkins & Costelli is comprised of a small team of dedicated and talented individuals who are long-term members of our firm. They embody the commitment that we have been guided by since our founding: to provide the highest quality work in a timely manner to best serve our clients. We believe that by remaining a small company that we are best able to provide our clients with responsiveness and flexibility on each project.

Our loyal clients, architects, engineers and employees have made our success possible.

Mission statement

It is the intent of the firm to provide competent professional service with each project receiving continuous personal attention. A primary goal is to handle all phases of a project in an expedient and efficient manner to minimize cost and to ensure early utilization of the facility. To assist in reaching this goal, the firm maintains an extensive library of computerized structural programs which it uses for the design and analysis of structures. Specifications and reports are prepared in Word or WordPerfect format to suit the individual client or application. Drawings are prepared using either Revit,AutoCAD, or Civil 3D software.

The firm is ready to accept responsibility for directing and coordinating the performance of its own staff and others as may be required to best serve the interest of the client. Projects are also handled on a joint venture basis when the requirements of the client require special expertise or geographical representation.

Company Profile

Simpkins & Costelli, Inc. Consulting Engineering Firm offers professional engineering services in the fields of civil and structural engineering. We also provide project management and construction administration services for waterfront facilities including new pile-supported concrete wharf construction, tied-back steel bulkhead, warehousing and structural repairs for existing wharves; design of foundation and superstructure for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings; municipal and industrial wastewater projects; and civil site work including drainage, utilities, pavement and stormwater control for a wide range of clients along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.Consulting services are also offered to Architects and Engineers.